Cheerleader, Queen Bee, Honor Student.

 That's me, Deja Marcus, cruising through life in my perfect suburban bubble. Then Brandon Keane crashes into my world like a wrecking ball. He's trouble with a capital T, my childhood nemesis now under my roof, thanks to my stepfather’s guardianship and his own delinquency. We're oil and water, fire and ice – clashing every chance we get. But with one careless decision I find myself caught in his web. That reckless night sets off a game of control and desire I never asked to play. Now he's turned my life upside down, revealing truths about the past that I don't want to know, shaking the foundations of my world so I no longer know who I am. And is he going to be there to pick up the pieces when this is all over? Or will he leave me broken, desolate and alone?

Living with the man who fired my mother, destroying our lives, and the girl who bullied me in grade school is not my idea of fun. But I’m not here to have fun. I’m on a mission of revenge, my goals temporarily aligned with those of my guardian’s enemy. What I didn’t expect was Deja: her beauty, the way she challenges me, the way she receives my curse like it’s a gift. She’s a distraction, but I don’t care anymore. I live for two things now: revenge and her.


Enemies to lovers

Bully romance

Possessive hero

She  knows her worth

Dark family secrets

Other Novels by Sencha Skeete

The back catalog, or as Sencha likes to call it, SOLID GOLD!!

Bad Girls Do It Well

Joseph likes Alexis right off the bat, but the timing is all wrong. His father back in Singapore is getting impatient for him to join the family's "totally legitimate" business and she's clear she has no time for a boyfriend. 

And then there's a container ship, human trafficking, a bunch of gangsters, a psycho who wants to supplant Joseph. You know, stuff.

Underneath the Tree

Craig shows up in Pineridge Falls at Christmastime to win bakery owner Georgia back. It's not open arms at first, but if Craig is good at anything it's helping out, and with Georgia's assistant injured help is what she needs.

A few days working side by side with her will surely remind her how well they fit. But will it work?


The conclusion of An Arrangement sees Emily and Chris wrestling with the consequences of their actions. With everything finally out in the open, can they find a way to heal their family and find happiness together?

Ivory             Ebony

An Arrangement Parts I & II drop us into the crazy world of Chris Abramovich, a man with too much money and not enough morals. At 19, poor Emily is no match for him. He's paying for her company so, he uses her as he sees fit.

Nine years later they're both CEOs. So how can it be even crazier than the last time? 

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