This book was sooo good. I usually don’t read books about high school kids but I’m glad I gave this one a chance. It was spicy and when some truths were revealed, I was surprised! I’ll definitely read more from this author! Well written. - Amazon Reviewer

Cheerleader, Queen Bee, Honor Student
That's me, Deja Marcus, cruising through life in my perfect suburban bubble. Then Brandon Keane crashes into my world like a wrecking ball.  He's trouble with a capital T, my childhood nemesis now under my roof, thanks to my 

stepfather’s guardianship and his own delinquency.  We're oil and water, fire and ice – clashing every chance we get. But with one careless decision I find myself caught in his web. That reckless night sets off a game of control and desire I never asked to play. Now he's turned my life upside down, revealing truths about the past that I don't want to know, shaking the foundations of my world so I no longer know who I am. And is he going to be there to pick up the pieces when this is all over? Or will he leave me broken, desolate and alone?

Juvenile Delinquent

Living with the man who destroying our lives, and the girl who bullied me in grade school is not my idea of fun. But I’m not here to have fun. I’m on a mission of revenge, my goals temporarily aligned with those of my guardian’s enemy. What I didn’t expect was Deja: her beauty, the way she challenges me, the way she receives my curse like it’s a gift. She’s a distraction, but I don’t care anymore. I live for two things now: revenge and her.

Sencha Skeete writes romance novels featuring memorable black heroines and the strong men who can't get enough of them.  Her books are full of intrigue and passion. From tycoons to small town heroes, prepare to be swept off your feet!

Just like Charles Dickens (she always knew she'd have something in common with a famous person), Sencha writes serial stories. New episodes are released regularly. Check out the stories and find a new favorite couple. 

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With great drama comes great...potential for trauma. See what I did there? 

Sencha's books are for mature audiences (18+) only and may contain content that is disturbing or triggering to some readers. Click here to see a list of trigger/content warnings for each of her novels. 

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